WordPress, One of the most popular cms in the world, Millions of websites including many popular blogs are using WordPress as a content publishing platform. So, Hackers are also very active in hacking WordPress based websites. WordPress community usually release updates to patch all the known vulnerabilities, but third party themes and plugins make WordPress vulnerable. Sometimes hackers also find vulnerabilities in WordPress that allow them to hack the whole server.

On average, there are lots of websites that are affected by malware in a day. WordPress sites are bullseyes for hackers. That’s the reason why we require the security plugin for the WordPress website which adds an extra layer of security for our website.

in WordPress, there are lots of plugins available for Security so it’s difficult to choose the right one. WordPress has some inbuild features for security but we have found some top security plugins for your website. you can use this information to enhance your website security.


Jetpack is a popular WordPress plugin developed by Automattic, the people behind WordPress.com. The plugin enhances the site’s security and protects websites from brute-force attacks as we as unauthorized logins.

This plugin has a free and premium version, Premium version includes features like brute-force attach protection and spam filtering. Also, it takes complete regular backups of your sites and downtime monitoring. Also, it has a feature of two-factor authentication for secure login. it scans website code files to check malicious scripts, malware, and resolve threats automatically.

This plugin improves your site speed and takes control of your SEO with Jetpack’s site accelerator. It has a Single sign-on feature that works with any site on the WordPress.com account. It increases your traffic through automatic social sharing, related content, and faster load times.

Wordfence Security

Wordfence is one of the most popular WordPress security plugins. It keeps on checking your website for malware, malicious scripts. it scans all the files of your WordPress core, plugins, themes and if it finds any kind of malicious code, it will notify the site owner. it claims to make your WordPress website 50 times faster and secure and to make your website faster it use a falcon caching engine. This plugin is free but it has some advanced features available for premium users.

Some advanced features like brute-force login protection and IP blocking are really very helpful & important for security. The Premium version of this plugin has additional features of country blocking, two-factor authentication, and the firewall is updated in real-time. It also offers lots of features and is being consistently updated to protect the website against known vulnerabilities.

This plugin blocks brute-force attack and can add two-factor authentication via SMS. You can also block traffic from a specific country. It also includes a firewall to block fake traffic, botnet, and scanners. It also scans your hosting for known backdoors including C99, R57, and others. If it finds anything, you will instantly get email notification. It also offers lots of features and is being consistently updated to protect the website against known vulnerabilities.

It also scans your posts and comments for malicious code. It also supports multi-site. You can also check the traffic on your WordPress website in real-time and see if there is any security threat attacking your website.


iThemes Security

iTheme Security also known as Better WP Security plugin enhances the protection and security for your WordPress websites. It has many different ways to protect and secure your site and increase online security.

It is very easy to install this plugin. it can fix a number of common security vulnerabilities and protects against attacks. It also provides many security tips and advice.

It tracks the activity of registered users and also adds two-factor authentications, import/export settings, password expiration, malware scanning, WordPress Salts & Security Keys, Google reCAPTCHA, Online File Comparison, wp-CLI Integration, and various other activities.

iThemes Security makes regular backups of your WordPress database, allowing you to get back online quickly in the event of an attack. Use iThemes Security to create and email database backups on a customizable schedule.


All in one WP Security & Firewall

All In One WP Security & Firewall is one of the most feature-packed free security plugins that provides an easy interface and decent customer support.

One of the reasons why we have put this plugin in my list is because of the visual block of the dashboard. You can get reports with graphs that explain all of the data related to your website’s security.

in this plugin, rules are categorized into “basic”, “intermediate” and “advanced”. This way you can apply the firewall rules progressively without breaking your site’s functionality.


  • Scanning for malicious patterns
  • IP filtering to block specific people and geographical locations
  • Login lockdowns after failed login attempts
  • View a list of locked out users to unlock individuals in just a few clicks
  • A password strength tool to allow you to generate appropriately strong passwords
  • User account monitoring
  • A website-level firewall (but does lack a DNS-level firewall)
  • Lets you manually blacklist suspicious IP addresses